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Family welfare

Increasingly, the press covers lengthy litigations over the division of property of ex-spouses, and in most cases, ex-spouses faced difficulties when trying to divide such assets as business, family real estate, and pieces of art.

In other cases, when business problems arise, the family may lose all assets and stay without means of support.

We offer tools that will preventively ensure the welfare of the family and protect it from any possible business problems. For example, such as subsidiary liability, claims of state bodies, conflicts between partners, raiding, and other threats.

Main services of family welfare protection practice:

  • Structuring assets in family planning;
  • Family constitution;
  • Agreement on the division of spouses' property;
  • Marriage contract;
  • Ensuring the property interests of children;
  • Protection of family assets from third parties' claims;
  • Representation of interests in family disputes.

Our clients' issues are rarely typical, therefore the above list is not exhaustive, the range of services is discussed individually with each client.

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