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Source of wealth

When performing actions with capital, individuals are increasingly asked questions about the origin of their capital (first million question), and their status is tested for belonging to criminal groups, government agencies, sanctions lists, and other groups tarnishing their reputation.

People may closely deal with the compliance verification procedure in the following situations: when opening an account with a foreign bank, acquiring and selling foreign real estate, migrating, making investments, and entering transactions with partners.

Main services of capital history practice:

  • Analysis of the documents submitted and identification of problematic aspects in the source of wealth;
  • Drawing up recommendations to address legal gaps in the history of assets acquisition;
  • Implementing a decision to confirm the history of the capital origin;
  • Drawing up a compliance case when opening an account with a foreign bank, structuring transactions with foreign real estate, investing funds with the inclusion of a foreign element, migration.

Our clients' issues are rarely typical, therefore the above list is not exhaustive, the range of services is discussed individually with each client.

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