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Structuring asset ownership

Over the past few years, the global trend towards global financial transparency has created the need to analyze the structure of asset ownership in terms of taxation and currency legislation.

Disparate assets especially need optimal structuring. Only with this approach can their administration be carried out simply, safely and cost-efficiently.

At the same time, it is important to protect assets from the risks of potential claims of creditors, government agencies, partners, ex-spouses, and other interested parties.

Main asset structuring practice services:

  • Due Diligence – assessment of the assets ownership and management structure in terms of taxation, currency legislation, inheritance and property relations with business partners and family members;
  • Legal support of fiduciary services;
  • Creation and administration of foreign structures: trusts, foundations, and CFCs;
  • Structuring ownership of yachts, real estate, private jets, and art objects;
  • Protecting the beneficiaries' interests.

Our clients' issues are rarely typical, therefore the above list is not exhaustive, the range of services is discussed individually with each client.

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